B-urban Arnica Roll On (60ml)

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  • Joint Pain
  • Cervical & Back pain
  • Roll-On – Pure, Natural & Undiluted – Essential Oil Convenient Roll on, supports Fast relief, 60 ML (PACK OF 1)
  • For all type of skin
  • Our products are 100% Pure & Natural as We Manufacture the best and highest quality Essential Oils
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  • This aromatherapy roll-on is only for external use.

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B-urban Arnica Oil Roll-on gives relief in repeated attacks of gout, especially affecting the big toe, with hot, painful, and very tender joints.

Joint Pain

B-urban Arnica Oil Roll-on provides relief in general aching of limbs, with a feeling of being bruised.

Cervical & Back pain

B-urban Arnica Oil Roll-on provides relief in most potential pain areas like cervical joint and back pain ensuring quick absorption into the skin thereby providing instant relief.

Some joint pains are painful and inflammatory that need urgent attention to be treated. Gout is one of the painful inflammatory conditions in which uric acid starts to deposit in the joints, often in toes or feet causing intense pain & inflammation. The first sign of attack may in fact be a feverish feeling before the joint swells.

This naturally scented B-Urban Arnica oil comes in a user-friendly roll-on pack ensuring ease of application on the targeted painful joints.
B-urban Arnica Oil Roll-on is enriched with Aloe vera and essential oils for faster recovery of body pain.