B-urban Glow Cream

About this item
  • Rich in Patchouli( essential oil) & Almond oil
  • Control fines lines & wrinkles
  • Controls acne and restores skin elasticity
  • Helps recover sun damage
  • Helps skin cells to recover

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B-Urban Glow Cream comes to you with the blend of Patchouli (essential oil) and Almond Oil. The mixture of these oils eliminates wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots and smoothens the skin evenly. Moreover, it is well- absorbent and nourishes the skin deeply, giving a natural shining glow. Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) controls oil secretion in skin and balances the lubrication in the skin. It removes dryness and skin rubbing, and initiates moisture locking for long hours by hydrating it intensely.