B-urban NC Cream

About this item
  • It prevents shedding off in the skin
  • With Wheat-Germ Oil, Calendula Oil, and Almond Oil
  • Prevents dry and cracked nipples
  • Inhibits soreness in nipples

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Often there are times when breast feeding can turn into a pain to your skin. The B-Urban NC cream for Nipples ideally suits breastfeeding moms to help them with dryness, cracks, and soreness of nipples. With the goodness of Wheat Germ Oil, Calendula Oil, and Almond Oil, this NC cream helps maintain soft and supple nipples, making them free from infections. Soreness and dryness can occur because of many breastfeeding reasons, such as the baby’s saliva, clothes you wear, and other factors. The NC cream clears and loosens the milk blisters in the nipples and helps reduce cracks and dryness.