Littloo Bathing Bar

  • Gentle on the delicate skin
  • Mild and causes no irritation
  • Formulated for sensitive baby skin
  • Enriched with Calendula, Coconut oil, and Aloe –Vera

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A gentle baby bathing bar to give your little one a well-nourished and soft motherly touch. Designed with coconut oil, calendula extracts, and Aloe- Vera, it offers a complete nourishing care for the baby. These organic ingredients’ benefits are versatile, but to mention, coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids for a baby’s thinner and delicate skin. Calendula oil extracted from marigold flowers has many ailments for babies; it reduces skin irritation and itchiness and cures mild skin conditions. The infusion of Aloe- Vera nourishes the baby’s skin and locks the inherent moisture. Littloo’s bathing bar is perfect in all spheres for little sprog.

5 reviews for Littloo Bathing Bar

  1. 5 reviews


    It is super nourishing soap, as my baby enjoys his bath time, with no irritation from soap.

  2. 5 reviews


    I used this soap for my baby at my mom’s place a few days back. And ordered it from first cry, I am really happy with moisturizing formula of this soap.

  3. 5 reviews


    It is really effective. Highly recommended

  4. 5 reviews


    My baby skin used to dry out after bathing, but using this Littloo baby soap, has totally changed the scenario. It indeed moistens and softens the skin.

  5. 5 reviews


    This soap is so gentle on my child’s skin and it is natural and toxin-free.

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