Littloo Body Oil Spray

  • Enriched with 8 cold-pressed, essential oils
  • Prevents dengue, malaria
  • Moistens the skin
  • Pediatricians recommended
  • Citronella & Lemongrass infused

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The valuable 8 cold-pressed, natural essential oils make this mosquito repellent spray perfect for protecting your child from insect attacks. Cold-pressing techniques preserve the integrity and benefits for a longer and safer use. Ensuring, baby’s safety just as that of a mother, Littloo’s bug repellent spray secures the child from Culex, Ades, and Anopheles. The presence of citronella and Lemongrass accompany moisturizing and nourishing benefits with a gentle and refreshing fragrance. Here is the total shield protection for your baby.

4 reviews for Littloo Body Oil Spray

  1. 4 reviews


    I’m using it for my child since very long time. I like it because it is non- sticky and has a very good smell.

  2. 4 reviews


    I strongly recommend Littloo’s bug repellent spray; it is very gentle on baby skin.

  3. 4 reviews


    It is non-toxic and very effective. I am completely satisfied.

  4. 4 reviews


    I stay in Mumbai and mosquitos here are numerous. It is very much comfortable for my baby. It is purely natural, I like it.

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