Littloo Finger Tooth Brush

  • Food grade quality
  • BPA free
  • Transparent silicon
  • Cleans residues gently
  • Stimulates salivation

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The new soft finger baby toothbrush is developed with the finest food-grade quality and transparent silicon. It is entirely BPA-free for a safe mouth and indeed stimulates salivation. Littloo’s baby brush is all designed to gently cleanes the milk/meal residues that get stuck in the baby’s mouth. The cylindrical hollow tube easily fits your finger, and soft bristles take away the food remains. It is clinically proven safe for your tot.

5 reviews for Littloo Finger Tooth Brush

  1. 5 reviews


    I purchased a finger brush for my 5 months old baby and it was hard on my child’s tongue. One of neighbor referred me to use it and it really had very soft bristles and my child was calm when I cleaned his tongue.

  2. 5 reviews


    This baby brush is super-fantastic as it is purely health oriented.

  3. 5 reviews


    I have been using this for my 7 months old baby, and she really seems to be happy, because this brush is soft and does not irritate her mouth.

  4. 5 reviews


    My baby is in his teething phase, I used this as a teether to calm her gum itchiness down. This actually worked as she was satisfied using it.

  5. 5 reviews


    This is very good for toddlers. It helps me maintain good oral hygiene.

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