Littloo Tear Free Shampoo 100ml

  • Soft & Mild with Tear-free formula
  • No irritation with benefits of glycerin
  • Hypoallergic and dermatologically tested
  • No sulfates and toxic-free
  • No Paraben and SLS

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Now add joy and happiness to your little one’s bathing time with Littloo’s new Tear-free shampoo. This formulation is developed to give tiny tot’s a hydrating and effective hair wash. With the strict prohibition of SLS, Paraben, and sulfates, the shampoo is purely natural to maintain hair and scalp’s inherent moisture and hydration. It clears the tiny knots of little toddlers without disturbing their sensitive skin. This new age shampoo is faithfully recommended by leading pediatricians and is supervised by top dermatologists as it can also be used as a body wash. Happy bathing time for your little one!

5 reviews for Littloo Tear Free Shampoo 100ml

  1. 5 reviews


    My baby used to suffer eye irritation, every time I helped him bathing. My sister-in-law suggested using Littloo Tear free shampoo, and this turned so soft on his hair.

  2. 5 reviews


    I really love the product because it has softened my 5 yr. old baby’s hair. She totally enjoys her bathing time.

  3. 5 reviews


    I used this shampoo at my mother’s place and it reached at my place before my arrival. I liked it very much.

  4. 5 reviews


    It is gentle and soft on baby’s hair and totally mild.

  5. 5 reviews


    This shampoo is perfectly pH balanced with no harm on child’s hair. I recommend it as a mother.

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