Myoc Bathing Bar-Anti Fungal

About this item
  • Perfect for treating fungal infections in the skin
  • Dermatologically tested for secure use
  • 100% biotic components to heal softly
  • Aloe- Vera and Chamomile for blood circulation
  • It comes with Anti- Fungal & Anti- Bacterial properties.

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MYOC Anti – Fungal Bathing Bar comes with remarkable properties of essential Neem oil, Aloe- Vera extracts, and Chamomile to improve blood circulation. It replenishes skin by removing toxins from deep skin pores. The essential oils work actively to fight bacterial and fungal ailments in the skin. This bathing bar is best for a sportsperson, as it has the anti-fungal properties of Neem. Rich in anti-oxidants, medicinal properties, and Vitamin E, it can do a complete sphere care. Chamomile is higher in sulfur, thus can kill fungus effectively.