Myoc Bathing Bar- Lemon Grass

About this item
  • Lemongrass soap benefits is a reviving face and body soap; improves the skin by toning tissues, and gentle soap.
  • Lemongrass soap is suitable for all skin types.
  • Lemongrass soap shows an excellent result for oily skin.
  • It has a pleasant aroma.
  • Lemongrass soap also acts as an excellent astringent.

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With the goodness of 100% pure lemongrass essential oil, this soap consists of Glycerine, and vitamin E, and a pleasant aroma of lemongrass. It acts as a toner and tones the tissues and muscles. Along with it, this soap also reduces wrinkles and clears the skin. It also hydrates the skin.

Lemongrass soap is suitable for all skin types and comes up with the best results if you have oily skin. Lemongrass soap balances the skin’s natural oils leaving the skin healthy and toned. It makes your skin refreshing and fresh throughout the day.