Myoc Eucalyptus Soap

  • Enriched with essential oil of Eucalyptus
  • Keeps a 24 hours moisture and hydration
  • Chemical-free with soft lather production
  • Pleasant deodorizing properties infused
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A refreshing soap bar enriched with the goodness of plant-based Eucalyptus oil with organic benefits for the skin. Potentially it has many benefits, stating it heals wounds in the skin, nourishes it deeply, best for acne, skin lubrication, and dryness. It further cools sensation in the skin, treating eczema as infused with anti-inflammatory properties with a natural soft fragrance. The organic oil extract of Eucalyptus relieves skin pain, and antioxidant benefits secure from skin infections. Other than aiding for skin, its daily usage can benefit from cold and cough as the application is on the whole body.


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