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antiperspirant manufacturer in India

Sweat stains and bad odor make us under confident as they cause seclusion from public gathering and social circles. Salve’s Sweatgo helps reduce excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, of underarms, feet, palm & other skin folds. Sweatgo makes you more confident in public and protects you from public embarrassment due to excessive sweat and foul smell associated with it.


Sweatgo helps provide relief from the sweat of armpits. Sweatgo blocks pore on the outer layer of the skin to reduce the amount of sweat on the surface.

Sweatgo helps remove malodour producing bacteria and helps to neutralize the unpleasant body odour.

Sweatgo is gentle on the skin and its application does not affect the natural skin tone. It is non-irritant in nature.

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