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antiperspirant manufacturer in India
  • Controls hyperhidrosis, i.e., excessive sweating
  • Gentle on skin, causes no-irritation
  • Eliminates stinky smell under body folds
  • It does not affect natural skin tone
  • FDA approved

Excessive sweating is not a severe threat to your health but turns to be an embarrassment sometimes. Hyperhidrosis, .i.e. excessive sweating, is a medical disorder where a person sweats more than usual.Further, SWEATGO can also be used for controlling normal sweat as well. Sweating can occur in armpits, palms, feet, neckline, and other skin curves with a stinky and unpleasant odor. This all can lead to social anxiety and mental irritation.

Sweatgo antiperspirant

Here, SWEATGO flashes out to be your savior and helps you boost confidence in public. FDA approved, this product is initiated with composition to stop sweating in multiple areas of the body. It is an ideal perspirant for both men and women, which reduces issues to make you feel refreshed. Formulated with specialized subject knowledge, it controls foul smell, excessive sweating, eliminates malodor-producing bacteria with no irritation on the skin.