Rich manufacturing experience

We manufacture both Pharma & cosmetic products with adherence to the guidelines.

From source to delivery point - one company

The authenticity lies in complete control over manufacturing right from procurement to shipment.

Rich packaging & designing concept

Highly skilled staff constantly thinks to design the apt packaging for the products.

Cater to all the topical categories

Anything from soaps to shampoos to cream, Salvia is a one-stop solution for.
Manufacturing Maven

Stark experience of formulating, manufacturing & packaging

Recognized in 2010, Salvia cosmeceuticals always focused on the practice of eco-friendly and natural ingredients in skincare cosmetics. We are a renowned skincare product manufacturer with natural & pure extracts. Unlike other companies, we don’t use harmful ingredients; rather, we believe in utilizing skin-friendly ingredients.

We are also into natural skincare contract manufacturing practices using superior natural ingredients at a much reasonable price. We progress skin cosmetics with the hope of people unraveling their worries of skin distresses.

Stark experience of formulating, manufacturing

Skin- Friendly

Salvia maximizes the use of biotic ingredients and processes them to serve you a qualitative outcome.

Best quality

We manufacture a second to none quality in the industry through our constant resourceful researches and experiments.

Customer Satisfaction

Our solitary aim is to generate exquisite outcomes at minimal prices, where the client is satisfied in the maximum way possible.

Our Brands

Production Proficient

Our cGMP factory realizes the global criterion, and its full automatic process satisfies the international product standards

We are a renowned beauty care products exporter in India with our formulations being worked on in our certified laboratories. In sync with the Quality management system, we conduct product testing at each step of manufacturing. Also, our production is carried out in certified and licensed facilities adhering to strict GMP standards and environment.



Lovingly formulated for baby’s soft skin, to maintain the inherent moisture and give a motherly comfort. Clinically approved for safe use.



Put together with active ingredients to control hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and make your body energetic and aromatized.



Dynamically infused with the authenticity of aloe Vera to initiate lost moisture in the skin. Dermatologically tested to treat mild skin conditions.



Directed under supervision of medical experts to produce exceptional quality assortments of bathing bars, face wash, and scrub range.



Infused with the goodness of organic ingredients and essential oils to serve the client’s orientation of keeping skin hydrated and healthy.


Aromatherapy by Salvia

Highly treasured to make you look glowing and youthful. These essential oils can be applied to the skin to initiate nourishing care.

R&D Expertise

Futuristic and Innovative R&D facilities

Quite focused on the precise market analysis and its trend, Salvia designs and produces well-fit customized items. Salvia, being the private label skincare manufacturer, has human resources who aces a test in the cosmetic-related field and R&D. With the aid of this professional manpower, we progress hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products with complete procurement of certificates of analysis. Our R&D center concentrates on developing the best products through constant research and development.

Standard Quality
Highly Skilled Personnel
Highly Skilled
International Standard R&D
Standard R&D

Private Label

Cream & Oitments

Creams & Ointments

Serving you the best-assured quality of creams and ointments as a Private Label Manufacturing unit to cure mild skin conditions. The inclusion of organic ingredients & organic essential oils indicates products being assorted with 100% biotic components. Our manufacturing troupe develops the items with rigorous R & D under the guidance of top dermatologists.



Mastering the manufacturing of sole natural products, we hereby serve as the best Private label cosmetic products manufacturer. Crafting our production services with care, our manufacturing team makes certain to procure the best outcomes. The soap range consists of dynamic and scented variations, comprising of natural ingredients.



In the view that lotions are directly applied onto the skin, we at Salvia sensitively value the product’s grading. Thus, we formulate our wide lotion range to nourish and moisturize precisely, giving back the skin’s lost hydration. As a Private Label skincare manufacturer, we prioritize quality over quantity to ensure & secure our long-term relations.


Face Wash

Pioneering for long secured years, we have established a skilled and well-informed workforce. Mentioning specifically, our face wash category is comprised of all vital modules to mark an exemplary solution for you. Stating, these skincare diversifications ensures deep cleansing of the face with the elimination of de-hydration. Each item is comprised of plant-based extracts and organic oils, which value skin’s delicacy. For withstanding a strong position in the niche market we connect to you faithfully as a Private Label Skincare Manufacturer.



Salvia as a manufacturer for private labeling indulges in producing variations of hair care too, to make your hair healthy & dandruff-free. We as a Private Label hair care manufacturing unit, make certain to produce these articles consisting of ingredients and natural essential oils. The intent is purely to offer a one-stop solution. Subsequently, these shampoos are regulated to promote hair growth, strengthening hair, and put a full-stop on hair fall. We make sure to eliminate the use of sulfates and Parabens in our haircare range.



The list of manufacturing variations to mark a full- stop is long, as we manufacture baby care oil spray as well. Our sole aim to make all your concepts into innovations. Thus, these baby oil spray initiates a motherly comfort. Keeping in mind the delicate skin of babies, we construct the production with eight cold-pressed, and essential oils to maintain their authenticity. Being a Private Label manufacturing company, we understand the need for nourishment and moisture in a baby’s skin. Thus, the composition is done accordingly.

Standardized QA & QC

We run complete quality control test according to the global standard

Strict QC process
Maintaining high quality of entire range is more difficult than making products. Therefore, Salvia is not sparing any investments on quality assurance system.
Highly trained team
Our highly trained production team is fully supervised and documented by our QA/QC staffs.
cGMP and ISO standards
Salvia abides in-company regulations as well as CGMP and ISO standards to construct the impeccable quality assurance infrastructure.
Impeccable inspection
Our highly qualified staff observes the highest standards of quality control and product testing.

Customized products & dedicated team

Our exports to 14 countries, overseas presence and standard quality speak of our righteous efforts which gives us confidence to be your faithful partners.

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    Eco friendly Approach

    As we use cosmetics all the time head to toe,

    we are more sensitive about their ingredients. Salvia understands such concerns and thus creates cosmetics with naturally derived ingredients safe for users of all age groups. Moreover, we promise not to use microbeads that destroy the ecosystem and pollute the environment.