Why Beauty Care Product Export?

A beautiful face energizes the body and boosts confidence. Considering the emerging craze in beauty and cosmetic products, there has been a rapid shift in the manufacturing and exports of these items. The tendency of using cosmetics in the Indian population and people around geographical boundaries has been an elevating hurry. Thus, the call for a reputable organization initiating Cosmetic Export from India gets in demand. And if you are seeking exporters commercing the same, then you have landed at the right place.

Salvia Cosmetic Manufacturers in India is a well-established company pioneering since 2006 and believing in the peculiarity of products, which should best comfort our clients. Administering all our products with routine surveillance, we ensure consent to all our organizational policies and rules.


Why us?

Permitting the use of organic colors, Salvia Cosmeceuticals eliminate the implementation of synthetic dyes to avoid skin allergies. Furthermore, the products are initiated with a pleasant and peaceful aroma of organic components, which are being used while composing all these items. We at Salvia Cosmeceuticals wholeheartedly aspire to crop and export our formulations in the best possible and ethical way.

Private Label Cosmetic Exporter

At Salvia Cosmeceuticals, we fabricate a wide range of products on the grounds of market trends, customer aspirations, and other related basics. But the fact is about not being just a manufacturer, as Salvia performs as a Private label cosmetic exporter in more than 20 countries with 500+ professional representatives and also across the geographical boundaries of India. This is certain that our responsibilities get doubled, but your faith is our strength. And with the trust built, we assure you to deliver you an incredible mélange of our production services. Following all ethical norms, we make sure to get you valued with a wide variety of products and boost ourselves to get through more exciting prospects.

We, at Salvia Cosmeceuticals, think, plan your concepts and ideas, desiring them into reality. With conceptualized modern technology and equipment, we innovate new variations with client’s customizations in the existing ranges. Our company dynamically believes that diversification is the key to withstand competitions in the present scenario and, thus, implementing the same intensively.

How do we carry out cosmetic exports from India smoothly?

At Salvia Cosmeceuticals, we check and implement the new market trends and follow up to spread our wings a bit more. Furthermore, we always try to get through with all the existing opportunities and prospects to ensure our potential clients’ permanent connectivity. Quoting, we are one of the most exemplary Private Label Cosmetic Exporters from India as we are already successful partners with more than 20+ countries. Hence, our circle of standing firm in the pre-existing market and future openings is expanding.

With providing a developed training to our working professionals, the standards of forecasting all valued requirements increase. The exporting logistics are well-structured, thus adding one more aspect to Skincare cosmetic exporters in India.

Salvia Cosmeceuticals enfold all treasured information for merchants like HS code, date of shipment, bill of entry date, Indian export port name, product description, quantity, and value of the product. To boot, Salvia abides by the statutory regulations necessary to take out exports effectively and ethically. Considering our prior experience in the same market, we set the seal on each commerce level to eliminate any kind of delay, spoilage, damage, and destruction of the articles.

We are a Skin Care Exporter too!

We are sensitive towards the client’s concern for skin; thus, it is to mention that our products exported are 100% natural & toxin-free. Besides, these are all dermatologically tested articles infused with authentic extracts of organic products. Our working philosophy follows sole biotic plant-infused ingredients to create tremendously unique products. Therefore, it improves the skin texture, maintains natural moisture, embracing skin’s beauty with hydration, and making it look radiant.

Unlike other Skin Care Cosmetic Exporters in India, we understand the need for purity; accordingly, we take out our productions and trading of goods across the country’s internal and external boundaries. The examinations of these products are authentically lab approved, not animal tested. At Salvia, our products are solely oriented to the client’s idea, as we make imagination into implementation. Our product range includes:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Baby Products
  • Herbal Soaps
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Soy Wax Candles
  • Organic Essential Oils
  • Slimming 
  • Sweat Control Products

What else do we do other than just being exporters of Skin Care Products in India?

Our team at Salvia Cosmeceuticals ensures the diversifying of products by serving you enough product range. With creations such as skincare, cosmetics, and other ones, we bring you a satisfying club of Third Party Contract Manufacturing. This diversification is all set to rule the clientele’s comfort and satisfaction. The working intellectuals consider your grievances, needs, and further demands to assure you a quality export service. Likewise, that of the skincare range, our hair care articles

are infused with biotic components. The product variants increase your hair growth by strengthening them and making them look flawless. 

Salvia Cosmeceuticals accepts the emergence of Cosmetic Exporters in India. Thus, we faithfully ensure growing and glowing with our new prospects and clients, considering the profitability & future challenges. 

The benefits of connecting with Salvia Cosmeceuticals as Organic Cosmetic Exporter:

  • Reliable & Safe
  • Affordable price strategy
  • One stop Centre
  • Own manufacturing unit
  • Statutory Certifications :FIEO & PHARMEXCIL
  • Ethical Export


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