B-urban Saffron & Vitamin E Soap

  • Hydrates & moisturizes the skin
  • Finest Saffron strings infused
  • Vitamin E enhances appearance
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Anti- inflammatory properties
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The B-Urban Saffron & Vitamin E infused soap naturally nourishes and moisturizes your body for 24 hours. The inclusion of Saffron infuses floral beauty oil to give you bright fragrant skin. The soap initiates 2 times younger looking skin, with richness of Vitamin E. Organic blend of both marks a perfect wrinkle and irritation free smoother appearance. It helps treat eczema, and mild skin conditions. Moreover, it secures the skin cells to get damaged from UV rays.

3 reviews for B-urban Saffron & Vitamin E Soap

  1. 3 reviews


    My skin redness is reduced. I recommend it

  2. 3 reviews


    This cream is total savior from UV rays

  3. 3 reviews


    I strongly recommend it.

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